Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Am I?

Who am I to count myself privileged?
Who am I to look down on other people because of it?

Yes, I have been very fortunate and very blessed in life, but does that give me the right to look down on others who haven't been as blessed?
I don't think it does.
And I struggle with it. Some days more than others.
I am only human, so I'm not perfect.
But I don't have to judge people because they weren't blessed in the ways I am.
We can not control which family we are born into or what opportunities we are given because of the place we live, schools we go to, and family connections.
I know this will be something I'll probably struggle with for a long time.
I think the hardest part is when I come across someone who has a lot of potential but they won't apply themselves, and they don't care. But I know they could accomplish many great things if they tried.
As a future teacher, I need to be able to provide all my students with the same opportunities.
In one of my classes we read an article in which a teacher said a student was unable to learn because his parents could neither read or write.
She didn't give him the same opportunities as the other students because it was "pointless and a waste of time." I couldn't believe someone would actually think this way and treat a child that way.
I hope I'm not like this. Not only will I need to be open minded about these things when I am a teacher but also in my everyday life.
So who am I to think I have this right?
No one. I do not have the right look down on others. 
I am going to try to be better about this and think about these people and what their life story might be.
I hope you try and do the same.
(Not saying you look down on others, but just in case you do. We're all human, no one is perfect.)


Sara said...

This is a good thing for all of us to be more mindful of.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Thank you for writing this. Privilege and status and position in life are all such funny things.

Crystal said...

Wait!? How funny. I was just here while you were commenting on NOT Flat STanley ;) Then I clicked on you & came back here! LOL... =) I'd gone from here to the Gypsy Shoes. What a cool thing!! Wonder when they'll be back?

satakieli said...

Great post! And I'm living proof that your parents don't have to be "smart" for their kids to be. My parents are both severe dyslexics and can barely read or write but me, my younger brother and sister have all gone on to have consistently good grades and to attend university. I think it's awful that a teacher would just give up on a student like that.

You sound like you'll make a fantastic teacher!

Stopping by from SITS

Shelle said...

How awful for a teacher to treat a child like that :(
I agree about people not living up to their potential, I see that all the time where I work.
Thanks for making me think this morning!
Have a great day! Visiting from SITS

Louise said...

If you believe you are priviledged, perhaps you might consider giving back to society. Adult illiteracy is such a terrible thing, and volunteers are always needed to help teaching...Along with everyone else, I was aghast at that teacher's attitude. Shocking! Greetings from Italy via SITS.

Yankee Girl said...

I gave up judging a long time ago. What's the point? We are all different and I found that it is easier to respect differences than to live my life on a soapbox.

Great post!

Visiting from SITS!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Very true. Its too easy to make assumptions or jump to conclusions about people. But no one has the right to judge another because non of us wiill ever have the same experiences or the same personality.
Loved this.
Stopping by from SITS!