Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smartie, Smartie

Do you feel extra smart on some days?
The other day in one of my classes I felt extra smart.
This doesn't happen often for me so I was excited.
In our class of close to a 100 people, I was one out like three that knew the answer to the question the teacher asked. Amazing right?

Want to know the question?
It was an analogy my professor missed when he took the GRE.
And I knew the answer!
I was excited.

Dart: mouth
______: ton

Do you know the answer?
Don't you dare Google it.


megmichelle said...

is it prince?

Sara said...

I wouldn't even know how to Google this.

I can't get away from Dartmouth.

Kay said...

Prince =)

Latia said...

Don't you just love when that happens. Makes you feel warm and bubbly.
Smart girls rule!!!

Salt said...

I think I had a day like that once. It was in April my senior year of high school.

Petite Little Bee said...

I am not sure what the answer is... but is sure is nice to know that you knew it. Thanks for sharing and have a super day.

Melissa B. said...

Would have to be Prince, huh? Thanks for keeping us sharp!

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