Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm in a Lazy Mood

I feel so lazy and so unproductive right now.
I have a test tomorrow that I should be studying for but instead I'm praying they cancel classes.
Instead of studying I'm going to put in a DVD, crawl in my bed and hopefully not come out until tomorrow.

I'm not a graceful person normally.
The winter snow and ice does not help.
I fell on the stairs twice today.
Almost busted my butt on the sidewalk.
And thanks to this lovely weather, my car won't make it up the hill to my apartment.
I had to park at the bottom and hike up the mountain.
Winter was nice while it was here, now I want it to go away. Please?

I hope you had a better day than I did.
Be careful in this crazy winter weather.


JUST ME said...

winter BLOWS.

Especially when you forget your boots and have to walk uphill in SNEAKERS.

Stephen K said...

Is it at least a GOOD DVD? ;) And too right, at first when snow comes you think "yay it's like magic from the sky!" but now that you're over it and STILL it comes at you, it's just a matter of "bugger off snow, now you're just getting me wet and soaking the book I put in my pocket".

Sara said...

Your prayers must have worked!