Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guess Who Showed Up in my Dream.

A few nights ago I had a pretty crazy dream.
Even by my dream standards.


My roommate and I were in a lecture class together.
And guess who was our professor.
That's right the one and only Dane Cook.
In this class we were his favorites.
And he always asked us questions.
At the end of the day he had a notebook he asked students to write in about how the lecture went and just to share their thoughts.
We were the only two that got to write in it.
I woke up feeling pretty special.
Thanks Dane Cook. 

Do you ever have dreams about celebrities?


Sara said...

I'm glad you have some trippy REM cycles. Makes sleeping that much more interesting, doesn't it?

I had a dream one of the few guys in my program decided we were going to make out and then he kept stopping saying, "No tongue!"

Go fig.

amindinmotown said...

Oh man, I want a dream about Dane Cook!!

I've definitely had dreams about celebrities, though I couldn't tell you one right now to save my life. But I seriously dream about any and everything.

Emz said...

Haha, I wish I did? Lol, but right now I wish I could sleep well enough/long enough to dream!