Friday, February 19, 2010

Green, Green, Pink?

Have you gone green?
I try to go green, but I'd much rather go pink (not sure what that would require).
I do some things to be green. 
I try not to leave lights on. 
I try to use my "green" bags.
I try to car pool.
I put on a jacket instead of turning the heat way up.
I guess by writing a blog and not in a journal, I am saving paper, right?

How do you go green?

P.S. Found this site that lets you know how much of your food is imported: Global Grocer
I found it interesting. Thought you might as well.


Sara said...

When I shop at Earth Fare, I feel like I've done something wonderful.

Then, I see how much my 4 items cost and I feel like crap again.

But I do turn lights off!

Rheanna said...

I also use green bags, and I also switched to green cleaning products. Believe me your dishwasher, laundry machines and bathroom will thank you!! (and it's so much better to use these if you own animals like my lil puppy!)

Ari said...

Ummm... I'm the same with lights. I forget my bags too much tho (but I don't grocery shop anymore). I recycle stuff at work/use less paper.

Hmm.. maybe I'm not as green as I thought.

I'd definitely like to go pink. Sounds prettier.

The Park Wife said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

I have blogged lately about my "green" efforts, it is a lifestyle really. If you have time, read my take on Food, Inc. You will not be stopping by Burger King anytime soon after seeing it!
The Park Wife

Louise said...

I recycle about 70%. I have my own vegetable garden. We have a small piece of woodland we manage for firewood - and we use woodburning stoves that retain the heat of a single fire all day. We don't use chemicals for cleaning or gardening. Our septic system is VERY green. And for about 27 years I didn't have a car (how many points does that earn me?)