Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Evening Out

Warning: This post has some adult material. So if you are uncomfortable with adult content, please stop reading now. But please come back another day.

Last night Roomie A and I went to event held on campus. 
We enjoyed "An Evening with Lily Tomlin."
Neither one of us knew exactly who she was. 
Roomie's Mom heard she was coming and told us it would be super funny. 
So we went. 
I think we were the youngest people in the whole auditorium.
The wonderful older gentleman sitting next to us, kindly informed us that she was hilarious and around 70 years of age.
Lily Tomlin was funny. But I think I laughed more at the people laughing at her.
I think I wasn't old enough to get a few of her jokes. 
But I was surprised by some of her jokes. 
I did not realize older people were as obsessed with sex as some of us younger people seem to be (based of off media, music, movies, television, etc.).
I know some older people who after hearing some of the jokes would hang their head, sigh, and blush.
I thought it was funny that the people surrounding me (my grandparents age) laughed hysterically at these things.
Guess that generation gap isn't as big as we thought.
I found her to be entertaining.
 I loved her portrayal of a six year old. Very funny.
I enjoyed the way she could switch between characters.
 I was impressed.
I loved the skit about her parents when she was teenager.
I went in not sure what to expect but came out with sore abs because I laughed so much.
You should watch some of her sketches online.

Hope you find something that makes you laugh today.


panamamama said...

Oh, I love Lily Tomlin! I remember when I was little sneaking in behind the couch to watch her on TV when I was supposed to be in bed. What fun!
Stopping by from SITS.

Aurora said...

Love Lily Tomlin! Whenever she and Carol Burnett came together it was a laugh a minute -- You should check out Carol's sketches online as well.
Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

Sara said...

Lily Tomlin is freaking amazing and I'm sorry I missed her.

If you ever want to see her in a movie, I recommend 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton. That mess is classic and wonderful.