Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drive Away

I drove home this afternoon.
I enjoy my two and a half hour drive.
I like to play my music and sing off key as loud as I can.
It's actually quite therapeutic.

But I realized while I was in the car.
That some cars will pop up in my review mirror and they just look angry.
I look at them at think "why are you so angry?"
Then I move out of their way because I'm scared they'll run me over or their car will eat mine.
Yes I am a little crazy. 

It definitely keeps me entertained. 
What entertains you while you drive?

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Smart Ass Sara said...

YES!! Some cars DO look angry. Finally someone who *gets* it. My hubs thinks I'm crazy but now I know I'm not.

I totally sing super loud. One time I sang so loud on a roadtrip I lost my voice. That kind of sucked but oh well.

w said...

i have the angriest looking car ever. it's a minivan. i'm like hell on wheels.

i also sing on long road trips. and. i agree that it's therapeutic. my hubby and kids, however, do not agree.

visiting from sits.

Scraps said...

Another avid car-singer here! I also tend to talk to myself while I drive, but thankfully so many people use headsets or speakerphones no one thinks I'm crazy anymore ;-)

Scariest car ever was a big ol' semi truck bearing down on me with teeth painted on their grill! I always remember that when I drive through Atlanta!

George's Mum said...

I can't judge distances. if I think I won't make it I breathe in and make my shoulders come in to make myself smaller! ha ha

Just found your blog after clicking around 'stalking' people. Sorry!! Hello from London though xx

Sara said...

I talk to myself and the car.

Sometimes we get into fights, but they usually get resolved in the end.