Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are You Literate?

Are you Literate?
Obviously you are in reading, or else you would have no idea what this says.
Being literate in a certain area is defined as being proficient in the area.
In one of my classes this week we discussed being literate in many different ways.
There are so many types of literacy.
And we have to come with 3 literacy's and complete a project on them.
Not hard right?

I'm not literate in anything!
There are some people who spend their whole life dancing, playing a sport, speaking different languages, etc.
My whole life has been about education, furthering my education, learning about education, and
working with kids.
That's it.
So how am I supposed to do this project?
What are you literate in or a master at?


Sara said...

I'm literate in procrastination, but I'll bet that doesn't count, does it?

Stephen K said...

Haha, I'm one of those jack of all trades master of none types. So I could blag a LOT of literacies then struggle to back them up.

You have at least two I can think of:
writing and photography. Don't put yourself down :)

Sarah Nicole said...

Thanks Stephen! You're the best. :]