Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Going to LEARN!

Oh boy I hope I learn a lot.
I think my classes for this semester are going to be very interesting.
I am actually pretty excited about most of them.
(Wish I didn't have to pay $125 for one book)

I am taking:
  • Foundations of American Education
  • Health Education in Elementary Schools
  • Developing Classroom Assessments
  • How Children Move
  • Society and Technology
  • Literacy, Technology, and Instruction
I really think I'm going to enjoy my classes.
What's your favorite class you've ever taken?


Heather said...

Can you buy any of your books on half.com? I had a semester where I had to buy 17 books (not making that up) and half.com saved me. I got books on there for 75 cents.

KatherineAnne said...

Good luck with this semester! It sounds like you have a lot of great classes this semester! :)

My favorite class was a class that I took during a semester abroad in London on Gothic Literature. It was really cool to be able to visit the places where the novels were set. :)

Happy Wedesday!
xo, KA

thegamerswife said...

I stumbled across your blog while looking something up about Boone :) I too went to App and was a secondary education major..I remember taking a few of the classes you are taking this semester and enjoyed them! Good luck!! :)

megmichelle said...

I think my favorite class ever was Consumer Behavior. My teacher was so incredibly smart but funny at the same time. I learned more in that class than I did my whole college career I think. Wish I could take it again. Your classes look interesting this semester. I LOVE the picture of the classroom you found.

Christine said...

HOLY SHMOKES $125 for a book??? WOW

Sarah Nicole said...

Heather - I will have to check that out, I already bought all my books for this semester, but I'll definitely look at it for next.

Katherine Anne - That class sounds amazing. Especially since you got to visit a lot of places.

thegamerswife - I love Boone, and I love ASU. I'm curious as to what your looking up that brought up my blog. :]

megmichelle - So glad we communicate this way. :] I found the picture on weheartit.com, a major photo database. You should check it out.

Christine - It's not even a book, it's a binder with P.E. activities in it!! Crazy right?

amindinmotown said...

Looks like you want to be a teacher? Ha. $125 for one book though... Ouch. Check out Amazon next time. A friend of mine would've spent nearly $1,000 on her law books this semester and instead only spent about $300.