Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Number 15 - The Secret Life of Bees

I finished reading The Secret Life of Bees.
I absolutely LOVED this book.
It was an amazing story.

Lily is a young girl living in South Carolina in the 1960's. Her mother died when she was very young and she lives with her abusive father. Lily is raised by a black woman, Rosaleen. Rosaleen used to work in the peach orchards for Lily's father but when Lily's mother died he brought her in to take care of Lily. One day Rosaleen gets into trouble and winds up in jail. Lily becomes sick of her father's abuse so she breaks Rosaleen out and they run away. Lily's mother left a label of Black Madonna Honey with Lily after she died. The label had a city on the back, this is where Lily and Rosaleen run to. They meet the makers of the Black Madonna Honey and start an amazing adventure.

This book was fantastic. I laughed, I cried, I really enjoyed this book.
I highly recommend you put it on your To Be Read list.


Sara said...

Sadly, it'll be a while before I get to read a book for pleasure. That sounds like a good one, though!

amindinmotown said...

I had wanted to read this book for so long, and then I watched the movie. I hate watching the movie before reading a book because I lose my interest in the book... =/ And sure, I know the movie probably doesn't measure up to the book - does it ever? - but it was pretty good.