Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That Girl has her Nose in a Book Again!

My room is chaos.
Because after having a broken closet for almost year, and then finally getting my closet fixed this summer, due to recent (small) water damage it is now broken again.
No closet = no where to hide all my clothes and shoes and junk.

(yes, I am sitting in my closet. and yes, it is pink, kind of hard to tell from this picture)

But on the plus side, I found a great new spot to read.
And I can just close the door and hide away from the world.
Maybe I'll leave my closet broken.


Stephen K said...

Junk?! Surely you mean 'treasure' :)

Also, I vote you keep the closet as your reading corner. That or dig a little deeper until you find Narnia.

radiogael said...

You know, the sorta small pokey places are always the best places to read. I like sitting under my stairs beside the washing machine. It's warm, bright, and the sound of the machine is oddly soothing.

Best of luck with the fix :)

Jessica (BookLover) said...

Great idea! I wouldn't mind having a reading closet.

Bella Lucia Photography said...

I love the idea of a reading closet! I HATE keeping up on my closet. It is my "I really don't like this" thing. maybe one day I could hire someone to organize my stuff for me, until then it will be a wreck... at least the door closes LOL
PS: visiting from SITS

Mountain Woman said...

Visiting from SITS and thanks for the visit to my blog.
I love the color pink so I think I'd be spending my time in your new reading spot. Corners tucked away from the world make wonderful reading nooks.

Sara said...

Well, that just sounds like a lovely little reading nook!

P.S. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought it said "...a book in her nose..."

I'm not functioning properly yet.