Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Letters

dear apartment,
i really wish you would be warmer.

dear boyfriend,
thank you for going with me to the art gallery today.
i really appreciate it. :]

dear boys who live below me,
i don't care if you are a member of The Beatles,
it is never appropriate to practice your guitar from 3:30 am
to 5 am. especially when it interferes with another persons sleep schedule.

dear next week,
i really hope you slow down.
i'm not looking forward to friday.

dear roommates,
i'm glad we all get along pretty well.

p.s. i stole this idea from two wonderful ladies, who write lovely letters:
the fantastic nicole and fabulous naomi.


curiousillusion said...

Cute pic btw.

Those neighbors suck. Ugh. Stop on the floor when they wake you up!

Sara said...

I miss central heating.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

When I was in college I didn't hesitate to be "that person" who called the cops if the neighbors were out of hand at 3 am ... you are obviously much nicer than I was!