Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Presents Blunder

Have you ever received a gift that you thought was going to be amazing and it turned out to be something odd? At our house we have a tradition that we are allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. One particular year as I was caught up in the excitement of Christmas, I naturally chose the biggest present. This was stupid on my part. I opened my present and a received a glass shaped head. It looked like this:

Not the best gift for a middle school girl, especially since she doesn't know what it was. My entire family and I were baffled as to what it's purpose was. At first I thought it was a bank, but there was no coin what could this be? I finally called the giver and asked "what is this for?" It is a place to hold your hats. One other presents was a hat but I would have to wait until Christmas morning to discover that. This was probably the most crazy unexpected gift I ever received. Now I use it in my room to display whichever lovely hat I prefer.

1 comment:

Sara said...

That's really weird, I have to say. Thoughtful, I suppose, but very different.

It's nice that you use it though!