Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Children are Precious

Yesterday at work I sat down to play a game with a young boy. He said "Here let me set everything up for you because you are a lady and men do more work than ladies do." - so precious. He was so sweet, and when my turn came he even spun the spinner for me. Adorable right? I smiled for the rest of the day.

What has made you smile recently?


Quincifer said...

I've been off work today and will be tomorrow too because I have a rather painful lower back...as soon as I was back from the doctors my boyfriend made me a cup of tea and got me all comfy and cuddled on the sofa to make me feel better.
He does it alot and it always makes me smile :)

Stephen K said...

Haha, true, but when you're older, it's a fine line you tread between chivalry and being labelled a faux-sympathetic sexist! :P

I think anything involving kids makes me smile so much. I was helping to buy a Christmas tree over the weekend, and while I was lifting it, a little boy just ran straight into my butt. I looked down to tell him to be careful since I was holding the tree, and he just looked up and gave me the biggest smile. When you witness a smile like that it's impossible not to return it :D

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

My daughter makes me smile everyday. Children are really wonderful; a precious gift.
Your comment was another thing that made me smile today, especially the part which says that you would mail me some time if you could; that's one of the greatest gifts I've ever received.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Creative Junkie said...

how cute is that?

I smiled yesterday in Target because of the absolutely adorable little baby girl I saw. Seriously - she was just a little doll - she had just woken up to find all these strangers smiling and cooing at her.

(you were ahead of me at SITS - happy Wednesday!)

Shell said...

That's so sweet!

Watching my 3 year old fall asleep on the floor after insisting he wasn't tired made me smile.

amindinmotown said...

Awwwww. That little boy's parents are teaching him an invaluable lesson, obviously.