Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One of the Best Feelings

Today I opened my dresser drawer and saw a pair of pants that are one size smaller than I wear now. Oh but they are so cute and I remember buying them on sale. Now I am stuck in a dilemma, Do I try the pants on, hoping and praying they fit or just let them sit there and remember what size I used to be? Today I was brave. I pulled them out of the drawer and slowly slipped one leg in. Hesitant I slip the other one in. That prayer must of work because I don't struggle as much to pull them up. After fastening the buttons it is time for that moment of truth, can I still breathe?
The answer:


I was so super excited with this answer. Especially since it wasn't a pair that is kind of too small where I can still somehow manage to squeeze myself in. One whole size smaller. It was the highlight of my day. *happy dance*

I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday and that you find something that makes you do a happy dance.