Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Romantic Butterfly

I wish I was confident enough to pull off this amazing dress. I love that it looks like a butterfly. I simply love it. It has a romantic feel.

I am so excited because my early classes for tomorrow and Friday are canceled. And we have a football game on Saturday! I'm excited. I've actually missed going to the games. Shocker, I know. The main reason I'm so excited is because I got a new dress to wear (not quite as wonderful as the one above but I like it). I'm thinking of maybe starting a type of series, which I would have a post dedicated to it once a week...but I'm having a creative block. Any ideas?


Latia said...

Are you trying to create a blog series on fashion? Gotta love classes being cancelled, means more time to sleep-in.


No not fashion. I can't keep up with it and there are already so many blogs that focus mainly on fashion. Sleeping in was very nice.

Louise said...

Oh this dress is simply gorgeous. How I wish I was young again and going to a college ball!