Sunday, August 16, 2009

Favorite Girly Activity

Nothing makes me feel more girly than picking out a bright gorgeous color and painting my toenails. Granted they aren't perfect when I am done but no one would notice on a galloping horse. I can't stand for my toenails not to be painted, if they are chipped I will probably being wearing socks (which I prefer not to wear) because I can't stand to look at my unpolished toenails.

What is your favorite girly activity?


Shauna said...

I prefer not to wear sock as well... however I discovered really fun ankle socks at Target & I absoulutely luv to wear them! They're sooo much fun because they come in bright colors and patterns and they're only a dollar! I buy a pair whenever I do my monthly shopping there!


I like ankle socks, and I don't mind wearing socks that are colorful or have a pretty design. I can't stand boring white socks. I LOVE Target!!