Monday, July 6, 2009

Struggles and Imagination

Everyone has the things they struggle most with. As I am studying to become a elementary school teacher I am learning about the things I know I have to work hard at. First of all, thinking before I speak. Sometimes I say things before I realize how it sounds to the other person. I am sometimes sarcastic and it's always hard to tell if I'm joking or not, especially to children who don't understand what sarcasm is. I wish I could change that, I am trying so hard. Also my patience is my biggest struggle. There are so many little things that annoy me, I could probably type a 3 to 4 page list. Everyday is a struggle for me to learn to deal and live with these things and not let them bother me. I am really trying my best...hopefully I will be able to overcome these things within the next two years.

Today while reading to the children at work I remembered why I love books so much. They allow you to escape from your reality. They let you use your imagination and you can create your own little world. Television and movies are supposed to let you escape and sometimes they work really well, but I always find that I compare myself to the actors/actresses involved. When I read a book I feel the characters are easier for me to relate to. We read "Where the Wild Things Are" and it was so cute. The little boy used his imagination to travel to a place where the Wild Things are and it was so creative. If you haven't read this book I recommend you read it before the movie comes out in theaters. Where will your imagination take you today?

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