Friday, July 31, 2009

Polly Pocket

I miss Polly Pocket. The one from when I was little. The cute little houses, and all the little Polly Pockets. I remember it being so much fun. My older sister and I would line all of ours up on the floor in a neighborhood/small town kind of way. I would use my imagination to come up with all types of different story lines. I could spend hours playing Polly Pocket. My favorite was the Tree House. So much fun. My mom and I found the ones from when I was little last week. I was very tempted to play with them but I knew I should be a grown-up for the time being and resisted the urge.

What were your favorite toys as a child?


Shop Girl* said...

Oooh barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids!! Between my sisters and I think we had almost all of them :)

Liv said...

Holy cow! Polly Pocket!

I used to have this massive set.

Now I want to look for it again, I'm pretty sure my dog ingested most of it - but what a fun nostalgic memory!

Anonymous said...

Polly Pocket allows little girls imagination to grow. Shopping, swinging, cooking, dressing, all with a little tiny polly pocket!