Monday, July 6, 2009

Photography and Art

I love photography and art. I love to admire things other people have created. I have my two favorite art items hanging on the beautiful light green walls of my room.
Here is my favorite photograph:
This hangs above my dresser. I love because it helped me believe in love. It is so classic, romantic, and every girls dream, to be swept off her feet. I am not in love with a sailor but I was lucky enough to find the one to sweep me off my feet.

Here is my favorite painting:

"The Singing Butler" by Jack Vettriano hangs above my bed. This was my first Christmas present from my wonderful Tim. I love the embrace between the couple and the fact that the lady is dancing barefoot in the rain. I love to be barefoot in the rain.

I can not wait to have my own home so I can decorate the walls with my favorite photos, paintings, and quotes.

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