Friday, July 31, 2009

Polly Pocket

I miss Polly Pocket. The one from when I was little. The cute little houses, and all the little Polly Pockets. I remember it being so much fun. My older sister and I would line all of ours up on the floor in a neighborhood/small town kind of way. I would use my imagination to come up with all types of different story lines. I could spend hours playing Polly Pocket. My favorite was the Tree House. So much fun. My mom and I found the ones from when I was little last week. I was very tempted to play with them but I knew I should be a grown-up for the time being and resisted the urge.

What were your favorite toys as a child?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ice Cream and Friends

Ice Cream is delicious, maybe to delicious. My ultimate favorite is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough but tonight I had Moose tracks. My chocolate craving was definitely satisfied. I have enjoyed watching "Friends," this show makes me laugh, and I really feel like they are my friends. Silly I know but it makes me laugh.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I honestly love when it rains. It doesn't matter if it's a drizzle or a downpour. But I absolutely am still frightened by thunder and lightning. I still remember as a child, I would take my beloved blanket and crawl under my Dad's desk, where his feet would go, to hide. I thought if I hid from the storm it wouldn't be able to get me or scare me. Unfortunately I don't believe this anymore. I hope this storm ends soon before I try to go to sleep.

{photo here}

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book Number 8

I just finished reading "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin. I really enjoyed this book. It took me a while longer to get through than her other books but it was a great read. I enjoyed reading about the struggles Claudia went through and her discovery of how powerful love really is. If the ending would have been different I would have been really upset. If you have enjoyed other novels by Emily Giffin you will enjoy this one as well. Eight books finished, only forty-seven left! I have already picked out book number nine. Hopefully I will start it tonight or tomorrow.

I hope you have had a fabulous week and have a wonderful week ahead of you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amazing Video

Over at JAMIE UNSCRIPTED I came across this video and absolutely fell in love with it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things I Love

  • the color pink
  • headbands
  • the sound of his laugh
  • the stories children @ work tell me
  • zebra print
  • adorable ballet flats
  • reading a good book
  • quality time with a fabulous friend
  • gilmore girls television series
  • watching favorite movies from when i was young


I love your smile and I have missed it since you've been gone. Can't wait for you to come home and to see your lovely smile.

Once again my photo is posted on icanread
{sorry, I've become obsessed}

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Self Discovery

I have discovered I am a keeper. I have been trying to clean my room and go through all the things I have at home before I move into my apartment in August. I keep everything and anything that I might use again, save for creative activity, or by some miracle the clothes that I might fit into again someday... I think I still have my favorite outfit from when I was 15. Which is ridiculous, I need to get rid of it but can't. Also I found a spiral bound notebook, where on the first page I drew ivy type leaves around the edge. I think I did this in the beginning of high school, when I wanted to be edgy, creative, and poetic. I have yet to use the rest of the paper in the notebook because I have a slight hope that one day beautiful and poetic words would enter my mind and that page is the perfect place to write them. These next few weeks of going through everything else and packing are going to be very interesting. Maybe I'll find some treasures or things I forgot about.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I am so excited to have this featured on i can read. I was inspired because boyfriend has gone on vacation and miss him so much already. And he's only been gone three days. Unfortunately somehow the link to my blog is messed up, and I am unsure of how to fix it. So if you see this know that it is mine, and not the link posted under the picture on the i can read blog. If you know how I can fix this please let me know. Thanks!

{via icanread}

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today I baked somewhere around 5 dozen cookies for my sister's first ever MegMichelle jewelry party tomorrow night. Of course I used my typical chocolate chip cookie recipe, which always turns out delicious.
I also tried out a new recipe for chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. Normally I don't like chocolate cookies (except for Oreos) but these turned out very good as well. Can't wait to share them with everyone tomorrow night.

Now I have developed a serious case of the hiccups and they are driving me crazy. I hope they go away soon so I can go to sleep...

Missing you,

p.s. sorry these aren't very good pictures.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spread the Blanket

Yesterday evening we went on a picnic, to spend time together before he left for a whole week. It was very sweet of him because a picnic is not his favorite thing to do. We spread our blanket in the shade and ate Bojangles (because I don't like sandwiches). Then we played cards together, one of our more recent favorite past times. (I win almost every time.) I'm very thankful for our wonderful picnic.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Losing a Part of Me

I got my haircut today... I have been putting it off for the longest time, which is probably why I had to have so much cut off. I was reluctant when she said I needed at least an inch and a half taken off (not really a lot I know). But I knew my ends were ridiculously unhealthy and the longer I waited the worse it would be. So I caved. My junior year of high school, on a crazy rebellious whim, I decided to cut six inches of my hair off and ever since then I have been hesitant to cut my hair. Every time I get my hair cut I feel like a lost a piece of me, especially when I see it laying there on the floor... Completely silly? Yep, I agree.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Escape and Lucky Number Seven

I have enjoyed blogging about anything and everything that comes to my mind. I love that I can write whatever I want whenever I want. Some days I find myself completely lost in the world of blogs. If I am not updating my own, I am reading the updates of others and searching for new ones to read on a variety of subjects. This is a place where I can escape. I can ignore my worries, stresses, and insecurities for a brief moment in time. It doesn't matter what outfit I'm wearing or if my hair is perfectly straightened and I absolutely love that feeling.

I just finished book number seven (happens to be another way I escape), "Certain Girls" by Jennifer Weiner. This book is a sequel to "Good in Bed." It takes place twelve years later when Joy is preparing to turn thirteen. It is about her journey to discover who she is, her family background, and why her mom drives her insane. I have to admit I loved Cannie's character from "Good in Bed" and enjoyed her in this book as well. I also fell in love with the character, Joy. Although I was not a huge fan of the way it ended "Certain Girls" was a smart, witty, and fantastic read. I highly recommend it.

Seven books read, Forty-eight left.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Creative.. ?

I have been wanting to create a logo/icon for my blog. I tried painting on a canvas and writing in chalk on the sidewalk, helping to release my inner child. I was never quite satisfied with either one of those. Then I remembered this wonderful online photo editing sitePicnik. I let my creativity flow...which didn't require much. And this is the final product. yay!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Target.. oh how I love thee..

Target is my favorite store in the entire world. I love Target. I get so excited when I walk through the doors to this magical land where you never know what kind of amazing prize you will find. Sometimes I will come home from school on a weekend just for a visit to Target. Ridiculous I know but it makes life fun. :] Last week I got a big pink serving bowl, perfect for popcorn and pretzels, for only $2. I was so excited because it will go great with all my other pink kitchen stuff for my apartment. Today I got a new purse, it was on sale...which is always exciting. Target can turn a bad day into a good one.

In book news, I have two books sitting in my "to be read" pile and I am about half way through "Certain Girls." Hopefully I will be able to finish it by the end of this week.

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photography and Art

I love photography and art. I love to admire things other people have created. I have my two favorite art items hanging on the beautiful light green walls of my room.
Here is my favorite photograph:
This hangs above my dresser. I love because it helped me believe in love. It is so classic, romantic, and every girls dream, to be swept off her feet. I am not in love with a sailor but I was lucky enough to find the one to sweep me off my feet.

Here is my favorite painting:

"The Singing Butler" by Jack Vettriano hangs above my bed. This was my first Christmas present from my wonderful Tim. I love the embrace between the couple and the fact that the lady is dancing barefoot in the rain. I love to be barefoot in the rain.

I can not wait to have my own home so I can decorate the walls with my favorite photos, paintings, and quotes.

Struggles and Imagination

Everyone has the things they struggle most with. As I am studying to become a elementary school teacher I am learning about the things I know I have to work hard at. First of all, thinking before I speak. Sometimes I say things before I realize how it sounds to the other person. I am sometimes sarcastic and it's always hard to tell if I'm joking or not, especially to children who don't understand what sarcasm is. I wish I could change that, I am trying so hard. Also my patience is my biggest struggle. There are so many little things that annoy me, I could probably type a 3 to 4 page list. Everyday is a struggle for me to learn to deal and live with these things and not let them bother me. I am really trying my best...hopefully I will be able to overcome these things within the next two years.

Today while reading to the children at work I remembered why I love books so much. They allow you to escape from your reality. They let you use your imagination and you can create your own little world. Television and movies are supposed to let you escape and sometimes they work really well, but I always find that I compare myself to the actors/actresses involved. When I read a book I feel the characters are easier for me to relate to. We read "Where the Wild Things Are" and it was so cute. The little boy used his imagination to travel to a place where the Wild Things are and it was so creative. If you haven't read this book I recommend you read it before the movie comes out in theaters. Where will your imagination take you today?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to you! I hope you have a safe and fun holiday. I am still unsure of my plans for the holiday. Tim and I went to Boone yesterday to pack up his apartment stuff and clean some so we can move later this month. We came home today. I had fun with him, being silly, just laying out the couch watching TV and spending quality time together. I was kind of sad to come home...

I finished reading "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. I loved this book. It was a very good book and not what I was expecting at all. The title gave me a specific perception of how the book would be but the book was completely different. It was about learning to be yourself and accept who you are. There were moments when I laughed and some when I cried. I am so happy to have finished my sixth book. Only 49 left.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!