Friday, June 5, 2009

Craft Day

Today I decided to make a craft. I saw this craft here and I have been desperately wanting to make it. It is a cute box made completely out of paper. It was my first attempt so it is far from perfect. But I still like it. Here are some photos:

This is what it looks like closed. A pretty gift box.

This is the open view with the lid on the side. You can fill it with all kinds of things such as treats or use it as a jewelry box.

This is the out side piece open with the lid next to it.

Here is a top view. I can't wait to find something cute to put in each box and then drop them off on the doorstep of some of my favorite people.

I really love the boxes created here. They are so cute and I love the embellishments.
I hope you had a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend. :]

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