Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Basket Weaving

My last Visual Arts in the Elementary School class was last night. It made me sad because I really enjoyed the class. I enjoyed learning about activities and projects I can incorporate into my future classroom ( 2 years away!). It was a fun class. We just finished our basket weaving project last night. We worked on it for two class periods, our class is two hours long and I thought I was never going to finish it. Now that I have finished I am excited. I really like my basket.

This is the outside, it's not perfect but it makes me happy.

This is the inside of the basket which I think is pretty cool.

I have yet to figure out what I should use it for. Any suggestions??

Monday, April 27, 2009


I really want to go on an adventure. I realized I do not take advantage of the wonderful outdoors where I live. I live in the beautiful mountains where there are so many things to do. I don't know why I don't do them. I would love to go hiking or camping. I really want to go white-water rafting. The main problem is that no one ever wants to go with me and it's not really safe to go hiking by yourself. I can slowly feel my inner girl-scout slipping away and it makes me sad. :[ These mountains are so beautiful and I feel like I am missing out. I have gone to school here for two years and still haven't been to Grandfather Mountain...which is ridiculous. I am excited that next year I will be able to see it from my wonderful apartment. I am excited to move in, I just have to wait until August. I really just want to get in the car and drive to where ever the road takes me. That's what my dad always said when we went on an adventure. :] Any one want to tag along?

Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Books Equal Love

I am a reader. I absolutely love to read a good book. Some days I wish I could sit around all day long and read. As a reader I know brand-new books can be expensive especially in this crazy economy. I buy a lot of my books from Amazon.com, most are slightly used but for the great price I don't mind. I have recently discovered this website; PaperBackSwap where you can trade books with others. If you have a book you aren't going to read again you can list it and then choose a book you want to read from someone else. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping. I have yet to actually participate in it but I think it is a fabulous idea.

When I read, I pick an author and try to read all the books they have written. Then I move on to a different author. Currently I have been reading books by Sophie Kinsella, she is known for the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" Series. I really enjoy her books. Each one has provided me with some good laughs and I most definitely recommend them. I have one more of her books to read and I will have read all of them. If it wasn't for my silly final exams coming up I would be reading it right now. Let me know if you have any recommendations for me to read or if you need a suggestion of a good book to read.

Hope your Saturday has been wonderful!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I came across a site for FEED. They have these amazing bags and depending on which one you buy they will feed a specific amount of children that are in school. Theses bags are so cute, they are reversible and you can use them for groceries in order to cut back on the use of plastic bags. I promise every little bit helps, I know it doesn't seem like it but it does.

This bag is $60 on Amazon.com and it will feed one child in school for one whole year. It's so amazing to think that this will provide that much food. $60 dollars is probably the amount I spend on food every two - three weeks. They also have other bags each one accomplishing something different. I really hope you check this out and share it with others. Here is the site where you can look at their amazing mission.

Help FEED the Children of the World

Hope you have had a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!
I hope you have enjoyed your day and remembered to recycle! :D

There is this amazing site that helps you stop world hunger while you become smarter. It asks you a series of questions and for every correct answer they donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger. You can chose a different category such as Math, Vocabulary and many others. 2,000 grains is enough to feed one person for one day. Any little thing you can do is a much bigger help than you realize. I was on this site everyday for a while but then I got kind of slack. I'm going to try to become much better and would love it if you helped as well. Since the site keeps track of how much you donate I will let you know my total a month from today. Please go to this site and please tell your friends. Thank you so much.

The site is:

Enjoy what is left of your Earth Day!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

My friend Laura showed me this video, "Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth" and I absolutely fell in love with it. When I watch it, I can't help but smile. I am just amazed at the strength and confidence it probably took to go to a foreign place and dance. I just wanted to share it with you in the hopes of it bringing a smile to your face and hopefully you will share it with others.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

The song played in the video is "Praan" and it is available on iTunes.
Here are the lyrics translated into English:

I will not easily forget
The life that stirs in my soul
Hidden amidst death
That infinite life

I hear you in the thunder
A simple tune
A tune to which I will arise (3x)

And in the storm of happiness
As your music plays in your mind
The whole wide world
Dances to your rhythm

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Positive Outlook

I am a twenty year old southern girl. I am an Elementary Education major. I love my major. I love my family. I am going to try to write or post something everyday. I am going to try to remain positive, I have gotten so caught up in the negative aspects of life and I have been dwelling on them, which is such a waste of time and energy. I want to make a positive difference in the world, this is one main reason I want to be a teacher. If I have one positive influence on just one person's life then I have led a successful life. The inspiration for the title of my blog comes from the song "It's a Beautiful Life" by Fisher. You probably know it from the TLC commercials with Jon & Kate plus 8. This song just makes me smile everytime I hear it.
This is the chorus and I have recently found it to be so true.

"That it's a beautiful life
and it's a beautiful world
and it's a beautiful time
to be here, to be here, to be here"

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and take the time to find the beauty in your life.